Portable Underwater GPS

PUG is an acoustic based system that offers several unique advantages over traditional and competing technologies. PUG provides the highest possible accuracy underwater geodetic positioning (<0.5 m 2DRMS).

Advantages of the PUG system over competing tech:


PUG offers rapid deployment and setup. The acoustic sensors are located at the surface and do not need to be surveyed, as is required for seafloor-based systems.


The system can be installed on traditional moored buoys or on station keeping buoys/ASV’s when eliminating mooring lines is required or desired.


Coverage area can be increased by simply adding additional surface nodes. The system can be packaged on a large or small buoys for long or short term operations.


The system can be used in shallow or deep water. PUG employs advanced signaling with field-proven communications in very shallow water.


PUG technology utilizes an extension of methodologies utilized at US Navy fixed undersea tracking ranges such as AUTEC, SCORE, and PMRF to position underwater vehicles.