Subsea Recovery Systems

What is RISER?

Remote Instrument and Submerged Equipment Recovery

RISER is a remotely actuated subsea recovery system used by navies and oceanographers around the world. We offer many models for different applications, with timer and acoustic actuation variants for use with lift bags or burn wire recovery methods.  The RISER system can reach depths of more than 600 meters with some models lasting up to 48 months on battery power.

A Flexible System,
Adapted to Your Needs.


Acoustic or Timer

RISER can be actuated acoustically from a top side deck box or via timer with either a countdown function or a specific date and time.


Lift Bag or Burn Wire

RISER can be outfitted with either a burn wire mechanism or a custom built lift bag and scuba cylinder.


Long Battery Life

RISER can handle multi-year deployments. Rechargeable or replaceable, we make sure RISER has the battery best suited for your application.

More Environmental

Because RISER either physically attaches to the payload or is built into instruments for recovery, the whole system will surface together. In most cases RISER will leave nothing behind.

More Safe

RISER's remotely actuation reduces or eliminates the need for divers to be in the vicinity of the lift. There are fewer lines to pose tangle hazzards and the crew can keep a safe distance as the payload surfaces.

More Cost-effective

RISER is an excellent cost-effective alternative to expensive syntactic foam pop-up buoy solutions. RISER also eliminates pop-up buoy issues such as line entanglement and the need for proper orientation.