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DBV Technology

Developing and Deploying
Custom Ocean Instrumentation Worldwide.

What We Do

DBV Technology is an underwater acoustic research and design company. We specialize in underwater recovery systems, acoustic recorders, and custom instrumentation. Our partnerships include defense and private enterprises from all around the world.


Acoustic releases, recording systems, and custom transducer development.


Custom instrument and system integrations that meet your specific requirements.

RISER Subsea
Recovery Systems

We offer a range of recovery systems which adapt to almost any project.

Field Testing
& Deployment

We have access to research vessels, acoustic test tanks, and divers.

RISER Subsea
Recovery Systems

RISER is DBV Technology’s brand of subsea recovery systems used by navies and oceanographers around the world. RISER systems are commonly used in subsurface salvage missions and for instrumentation recovery.

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Custom Instrumentation

Most projects come with unique requirements. At DBV, we have the experience and capabilities needed to meet those requirements. Our talented engineering team excels at providing one-off solutions at nearly any scale. With a background in academia, we understand that gathering useful data comes first.

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Testing and Deployment

Decades of successful field tests have shown that we have what it takes to deploy equipment globally. Whether in our acoustic tank, locally in Narragansett Bay, or in the middle of the pacific, DBV strives to produce useful datasets in an efficient manner.

Our Network of Partners & Clients

Our systems are in use by the United States Navy and our allies across the world. We regularly travel to deploy systems both nationally and internationally for navies and private enterprises. We partner with world class companies to provide the best equipment for the job.