Chemical Release System

XPRIZE Foundation

Designed for the NOAA Bonus Prize portion of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition, this system was built to release a ploom of rhodamine dye which would be tracked by AUVs as part of the competition.

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Fredrick Simons, Princeton University

Son-O-Mermaid, developed with Fredrick Simons of Princeton University, is a long duration acoustic recorder designed for synchronous recording of seismic pressure waves. The system offers a positive energy balance through use of 4 solar panels. By offering near real time mid ocean seismic data, Son-O-Mermaid aims to close the seismic coverage gap over the Earth’s oceans.

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Sydney Institute of Marine Science

RISER SIMS is our third design iteration of a zero footprint recovery system for Vemco Acoustic Monitoring Receivers. The Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) contacted us for an alternative to diver deployed fish trackers within Australian marine sanctuaries. Our goal was to produce a low cost acoustic recovery system, which leaves nothing behind on the ocean floor, allows a free fall deployment, and can be positioned anywhere in the water column. RISER SIMS is our solution.

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